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Are you a popular online individual or organization? Do you have a large twitch audience? Would you like to increase it? Let users of your website know that you stream with more than just a tiny icon, show them directly!
RWOI integrates with the api to allow your audience to check remotely whether your stream is online or offline.

Be certain that your host allows offsite connections… otherwise this won’t work.


Put any channel name into the text field below, then hit submit. The output frame will refresh and display whether or not the queried channel is online. Channels that don’t exist will display an error. This demo uses‘s public google calendar stream schedule for the countdown feature but any public google calendar can be substituted. channel name:


  • FUTURE: Add an error catch so non-existent channels (or typos) don’t look so ugly, bring the WordPress plugin up to current (it’s still at 2.0).
  • 3.1 [current] Migrated everything to the api because of the JTV shutdown. 05AUG2014
  • 3.0 Implemented custom images, using google calendar and some jQuery to display an H/M/S countdown to the next live show, customizable text for all areas, applied unique css ids to every element so they can be easily styled, each element can be enabled/disabled individually,
  • 2.0 Massive WP plugin version improvements (bugfixes, optimizations, etc), stand alone and WP versions got image upgrades.
  • 1.5 Re-shelled the basic script (with some minor optimizations) into a wordpress plugin, now developing WP Plugin version and stand alone version side-by-side.
  • 1.0 CaliberM’s Script with new original images.



  • Contact me via the email provided at the bottom of this page if you’d like to become an advance release candidate.


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