My degree in Computer Information Systems provided me with experience with data analysis, project management, marketing, business management, SQL databases and web design. In addition I have multi-year experience in MS Office, Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and have high level experience with Telestream's Wirecast streaming application and Splitmedia's Xsplit broadcaster.


  • GenGAME
    An Independent Video Game media website with news, reviews, and more.
    CODoCOM was launched on September 21, 2012 by AJ “Turbo” Dhir with one goal: To be the ultimate congregation of Call of Duty fans around the world. Partnering with multiple community personalities, CODoCOM will be the ultimate destination for news surrounding the Call of Duty community for both casual players and competitive players.
  • Stony Brook "SeaWolves" Hockey
    Complete redesign of moving from a legacy Drupal-based system to an easier-to-use Wordpress based CMS enabling site users to add content as soon as it becomes available to fans while remaining fast.